Vegan Chinese Five Spice Tofu Skillet Recipe

This vegan Chinese five spice tofu skillet recipe is not only great for lunch or dinner, it make a tasty breakfast too!

Mini Chef and I are going vegan. We have dedicated ourselves to it for one week to see what the results will be. It will be an adventure for sure!

The intent is to, of course, stick with it. But in all honesty, it’s a grand experiment to see how my blood sugar will handle a vegan diet. As a diabetic, I’ve watched the iThrive documentary, the What The Health documentary, Food Inc., and all those other documentaries that tell you that the cure for everything is a vegan diet, diabetes included.

Vegan Chinese Five Spice Tofu Skillet Recipe shown up close in a white bowl. You can see the chunks of tofu, pieces of red cabbage and fresh green onions sprinkled on for garnish

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